Jordan Shaw

Jordan Shaw:

Is a seemingly typical American college student backpacking through Europe for the summer. So far, her life has been pretty ordinary, but the status quo isn’t enough for her.  She wants more because she feels that something is missing, she just doesn’t know what. While traveling she meets things start happening around her that begin to make her question everything, including what she knows about herself.

Chase Hudson

Chase Hudson:

A backpacker that always happens to be in the right, or wrong place, at the right time. He is a twenty-five year old American who cannot seem to leave Jordan alone despite his standoffishness. Chase is good looking, intelligent, and seems to be highly trained in several areas that make Jordan question exactly what he does for a living and what his intentions are. Despite her concern over his motives she wants to trust him.

Marcello Molinari

Marcello Molinari:

An investigator for the Guardia di Finanza in Italy. He is an Italian man in his late twenties who befriends Jordan and Anna. A case he is investigating and his own personal interests make him an integral part of the story.

Anna Richards

Anna Richards:

Jordan’s best friend since grade school and her companion on her European backpacking trip. Anna is a free-spirited and fun-loving personal who helps keep Jordan from being too serious. Anna has a great sense of humor and loves to have a good time.