Hello and thank you so much for visiting my website and taking an interest in my writing!

I am very excited about getting published and I am even more excited to work on the sequel.  I actually started the second book of what I have always envisioned as at least a trilogy, as soon as I finished the first draft of Trigger.  Progess on Trapped (working title for the sequel) has been slow because editing and trying to get published is a full time job.  Now that I have finished editing Trigger and doing most of the legwork required by the author I can finally focus on writing again. 

Recently, as I was nearing the end of the editing process, I told my husband that the only thing more difficult than writing a book was trying to get it published, and the only thing more difficult than getting it published was getting it ready to be published!  I had no idea how much work it would take to polish it up once I had someone who thought it was good enough to actually be a book.  Thankfully, I have had an amazing creative team and support system at Booktrope to help me through the process and to make it both interesting and enjoyable.  I have learned a lot about writing, editing, publishing and myself during this time.  I have also learned that my husband Chad has an incredible amount of patience and a neverending faith in me.  If you read the first page of the website you know why Trigger exists.  I have to say that without Chad there would be no Trigger and if you are ever wondering where I got my inspiration for Chase, well, you just need to meet Chad. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the publishing process there are three main ways to get your book out there at this time.  The easiest and quickest method is self-publishing, which is exactly what it sounds like.  You can self-publish through various websites, including Amazon, and sell your book in e-format pretty simply.  If you want hard copies, help editing, etc., it costs more, but with enough of your own money you can make just about anything happen. 

There is the traditional method of publishing where you find a literary agent willing to take you on and then they in turn are the ones who find a publishing house for your book.  Finding a literary agent sounds easy, but it is anything but that!  Sure there are a lot of agents out there, but each one has their own submission requirements and process of selecting manuscripts.  You start out trying to determine what agents may be interested in your manuscript and then you have to put together a query letter to submit to them.  For those who don't know a query letter is usually a brief introduction of your book and yourself.  An agent may request only a query be sent at first, or they may state that you can send a few pages or a summary along with it.  Whatever they ask for, if they like it, then they will ask for some pages, chapters, or possibly the whole manuscript.  Basically, if they keep liking what you send them then eventually they should make you an offer of representation.  Otherwise, they politely decline.  The majority of queries are answered with rejection form letters (I kept every rejection I received).  Two kickers: some agents do not accept unsolicited queries and some do not even respond to queries at all!  As you can imagine, this can be a very frustrating process.  It is also very time consuming because of all of the research you have to do for each agent and the work to prepare each query to an agent's particular requests. 

The third method is what Booktrope specializes in and refers to as Team Publishing.  Booktrope is a publishing house that deals directly with authors who submit manuscripts either via referral of current Booktrope authors or when they have open submissions.  There is a selection process and once you are in you are set up with a creative team which includes a Book manager, project manager, editor, proofreader and cover artist who are all part of the Booktrope family and who all do their part to bring your manuscript into publishing ready shape.  It is a really great system that I think gives the opportunity to be published to very talented writers who have not been successful via the tradtional method and who deserve a better platform than simply self-publishing.  Don't get me wrong, self-publishing can be great and works for the right person, but let's be real, working with professionals on a higher level usually does turn out a better product!

I have been officially rejected by more than 30 literary agents, I sent out way more than 30 queries, but only heard back from some of the people I contacted.  I looked into self-publishing, and would have probably ended up going that route at some point.  I also received an offer from a company in the United Kingdom to publish Trigger there.  This company wanted me to pay a "portion" of the initial costs to publish my book and while they put a number on the amount I was to invest, they would not tell me what the total expenses were, so for all I know they could have been asking that I foot the entire bill.  After researching company more I learned that they were what is called a "vanity publisher" which means you pay them to publish your book because you want to see it in print and don't want to stoop to self-publishing, but it is really glorified self-publishing.  Again, I am not knocking self-publishing at all, I am just telling it like it is.

After exploring all of the methods detailed above I am very grateful that I have gotten to work with Booktrope and am looking forward to working with them to put more books out there, hopefully very soon!

I think that is all I have for my initial post.  I will try to keep things interesting and informative!